Learn how to thrive creatively, emotionally, physically + financially during each phase of your menstrual cycle (or during each phase of the moon).
Your period doesn’t come every month to make your life hell. It comes to aid you in the creation process for everything you want. 

It's time to leverage the feminine energies of your cycle and the moon for the superpowers that they are, so you can embrace health, wealth, joy, and love in your life.

And even use them to plan the positive impact that you want to make in the world.

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    I know you've got BIG dreams + ideas.

    That's why I'm gonna walk you through how to manifest them with ease in this Planning + Manifesting Masterclass.

    You'll learn:
    ☾ How to speed up the manifestation process by slowing down the inertia of the masculine energy we've been taught to live by, getting into our bodies and allowing our feminine energy to guide us, gracefully, to what we desire.

    ☾ Why 'mindset' is NOT always where it's at when it comes to manifesting. If you've been focusing solely on mindset, this is why you haven't been able to get the results you want in your life or business.

    ☾ How to heal the low-vibe energy + real-life pain points around your period so that you can tap into the powerful, spiritual (and practical) creative energy that your menstrual cycle brings you.

    ☾ The most powerful and practical, step-by-step process for leveraging your body's natural, built-in feminine wisdom for co-creating with the Universe and creating anything you desire in life. Whether you desire more money, freedom, the love of your life, or you want to make a big impact in the lives of others - you can do it with more ease.
    The majority of women don't really know about this now but women have naturally been doing this for centuries.

    Let's bring light to our superpowers as women and get into the momentum of receiving an abundance of what we're really meant for - feeling good and experiencing health, wealth, joy + love.
    ☾ Plus, get a cleansing Ayurvedic Water Meditation to help ease the transition phases of the each cycle ☾
    Hi, beautiful!
    I'm so glad you're here. Just so you know, a few years ago I would've thought this whole menstrual manifesting thing was absolutely crazy because I absolutely hated my period. But when I discovered that my menstrual cycle was a sacred and powerful natural process, I got really curious. So, I did as much as I could to learn more. And it healed so much in my life:

    I went from having PMS, acne, fatigue, depression, and brain fog galore (and even a few doctors suggesting that I take the pill or hormone replacement to 'fix' them) to:

    ☾ Learning how to leverage each phase of my menstrual cycle to be more happy, more creative, learn how to gracefully receive, and know when I needed to rest.

    And, as a result:

    ☾ I manifested $15k in savings (in just 3 months) so I could leave my 9-5 job and move my daughter and I to Hawaii to teach and do research. (AND, by some miracle, I found my dream house, with expansive ocean views, only 1/2 block away from the beach, and with a hiking trail right behind it, just like I'd envisioned!)

    ☾ 4 months later, I was able to spend a month in my favorite place in the world - New Zealand!

    ☾ A year later, I got a full scholarship to my PhD program.

    ☾ And after that, I was able to leave the world of academia behind to play full-out in my business.
    Now, I'm definitely exceptional.
    I've witnessed an abundance of women who are taking massive strides in their own lives by becoming more in tune with feminine energy + planning according to the cycles of the moon, nature and their own bodies.

    And I KNOW that you're meant to be able to do that too.

    And you're ready. 

    That's why you've found this masterclass.
    When I tell people that I've converted my courses to 'Pay What You Will', I've been asked WHY?? So I thought I’d mention it here.

    I made the decision to change the pricing for Menstrual Moon Magic from $111 to PWYW and I've NEVER looked back.

    Often, the women who need this work the most aren’t in a position to spend $111 on it. When you’re in a tough spot financially (or when you're starting a new family or a new business or anything new in life, really), every penny counts…and I totally get that.

    Some of my core values are 'freedom', 'transformation' and ‘education’ – it's important to me that as many people as possible are able to receive the benefit of the amazing things that I've been fortunate enough to learn and have been blessed with, often because of generous scholarships given to me by my own mentors. 

    If $10 is all you can afford right now, that’s totally fine.

    If you can pay more (or want to pay it forward so that someone else in need can get a kit too) know that you're appreciated. 
    It all does balance out in the end – it's a win-win for us all.

    Pay what you will – and enjoy the Kit 🙂
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