Make Your Money A 
Spiritual Practice
A Ritual Kit For Falling in LOVE with Your Finances
(and yourself, of course)
This is for the woman who wants to get conscious with her cash and fall in love with her finances...all while being more kind and loving toward herself.

You'll get more clarity than ever before and you'll begin to feel good about money again.

Taking care of your money doesn't have to be all about boring budgets and spreadsheets. 

When you give more loving attention to your money - that's when you'll begin to manifest more and when you'll open up to receiving more of it!
What You'll Get in this Ritual Kit
  •  A guide to creating sacred space for your money practice
  •  Weekly/monthly Spiritual Money Practice Worksheet
  •  Grounded + Inspired Journal Prompts
  •  Affirmations for love, forgiveness + abundance
  •  Your Spiritual Inventory
  •  Clarity is Queen exercise
  •  Money Map of Intention
  •  Money + Metta Meditation
  •  BONUS: Unlimited Possibilities Plan
You'll bring clarity + consciousness to your cash.

You'll fall in love with your finances (and yourself).

And you'll have a sacred, full-body money ritual that you can use every week, forever!

This is the exact same ritual that I've used for the past 3 years and it brought me out of confusion, into a space of healing around money, and opened up endless possibilities for me to manifest more + start paying off my debt.
Whether you're making millions or you've got a negative bank balance, this practical and magical ritual kit will bring you back to an energy of LOVE for your money...and yourself!

We all deserve to feel...
...and with Make Your Money A Spiritual Practice you'll begin to remember what that feels like!

As you know, love feeds growth, so
there's no better time than now, beautiful, to get started with lovin' on your money <3
Make Your Money A Spiritual Practice
Make Your Money A Spiritual Practice

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(You'll receive it immediately after purchase. Then feel free to use it weekly, monthly and yearly - forever!)

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